EZ Guide to Spotting a Fake Torah Yad (Pointer) or Besamim (Spice) Holder

Confused?  Let  me show you an easy way to spot most of the fake Torah yads and besamim holders.

Look at the besamim holder to the left.  It is formed by welding together five parts:  the eagle on top, the crudely-made filigree ball, the larger silver ball, the little boy, and the filigree base.  There are some additional decorations:  the Star of David welded on top of the larger silver ball and various blue stones. 

Genuine antique silver IS NOT made by welding together little parts. 

The fake items on eBay use similar parts again and again. 

See examples of these parts below.  If your item contains any of these parts, IT IS A FAKE.

Here is an example of the "sad rabbi."  Torah yads and besamim holders are meant to celebrate happy occassions.  Why would any Jew buy an item with a sad rabbi?

Similarly, here are some grotesque forms.  One is reading a book (a siddur, perhaps?).  The other looks like he just survived a pogrom.  Again, why would any Jew buy this item?

Oh, wait.  Here is some joy.  The happy klezmer musicians.

Below are some other fake parts--some eagles, some filigree balls, some little boys, some gems, some lions, a menorah, a Star of David, and the letter shin.  Just mix and match them and you can have your very own piece of fake Judaica. 

One last thing--the fake Russian hallmarks.  Below are a few examples:

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