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See this link for more information on fake Russian silver:

NEW!  A traveler to Poland writes about Judaica he
found in an antiques shop.  You can bet these were
fakes.  Read it here.

Many people write me to ask what is eBay's response to these counterfeits.  Here is a typical
response dated 3/19/09:

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to your concern about the
authenticity of this item.

I understand your concern. Unfortunately, eBay is not involved in anyway
with the transaction between buyers and sellers. We simply provide a
marketplace for members to buy and sell items. As a result, we're unable
to inspect or verify any item sellers list on eBay.

Buyer beware!

For listings currently selling on eBay Germany under the category "Antique Judaica prior
to 1945," click the link below:

This link will show you silver items which have sold recently on eBay Germany
under the category "Silver Objects Prior to 1945."  You will see that many, if not
the majority of items, are new with counterfeit hallmarks.  It also demonstrates that
not all of the counterfeiting is limited to Judaica:

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