Where Can I Find Authentic Antique Judaica?
First draft:  May 12, 2011
Latest revision: December 5, 2013

The following is a short list of antique Judaica sellers who seem to be reliable.  I
am not intending to make an inclusive list, but I will gladly accept suggestions
to add an honest dealer.  Please write to me through eBay (bobmeyer99).

Jonathan Greenstein has distinguished himself as the most dedicated
antique Judaica seller.   He has a major auction twice a year and sometimes
sells on eBay as glattkosher

Once in a while, Sotheby's will hold a Judaica auction. 

Likewise, Skinner will occasionally sell Judaica.

Judaica Antique has a selection of Judaica and maintains a site on
eBay as abi-gezint.

Shmaltzy (aka reservesstink) is another eBay seller.

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