Seller on eBay (downsizingsale) is a typical scammer.

December 24, 2011

I haven't featured downsizingsale on auctiontrack because he doesn't
sell many fakes.  However, after selling this fake for $200 in November:

downsizingscale sells fake Torah yad

he now has the nerve to sell another one a month later:

Take a look at his description below, full of bogus claims, which I have explained in red.  Also note that
all of his feedback is private, which is typical of eBay scammers. 


This item was bought by ourselves in a reputable antique
shop in Tallinn (note:  "reputable antique shop in
Tallinn" is an oxymoron--Eastern Europe is notorious
for selling fakes)
, there [sic] details are:

(Mark Antiques (note:  this website
link does not work, and a Google search for Mark Antiques
shows nothing)

The solid silver Torah pointer, is approxamately 11 inches long and is decorated with an inset turquoise stone surrounded by a silver collar. At the top of the piece is a winged eagle looking to his left which has a ring mounted on it's [sic] back. The bird sits on a globe after which the main stem extends downwards towards another globe-like pretrusion [sic]. On this part of the stem is the double headed eagle of Catherine II, the Great (reigned 1762 - 1796). Although not Jewish herself, being a German Lutheran, she tolerated and welcomed many religions.

At the side of the main stem are the Russian hallmarks that bear the 84 silver mark for Moskow and the Assay mark of Aleksei Kosiurev and the date of 1786. (typical fake hallmarks) This Assayer operated in Moskow between 1762 and 1791.

Below the double-headed eagle crest is the six-pointed star of King David - then comed the .5 inch x .25 inch turquoise stone. After the other onion-like pretrusion the Torah starts to taper towards the cuffed right hand with ringed index finger outstretched, that acts as the pointer. A silver wire is wrapped around the lower part of the Torah pointer (typical construction of a fake Torah yad).

Looking at the item in a subjective way, rather than a sentimental one, the workmanship is superb in every way. Looking through a very powerful magnifyer [sic] (50x) you can see every finger nail and minute details of the ring on the finger. It bears a very tiny inscription, and the carving is wonderful.

It has been sugested [sic] by an ebayer that this could be a later pointer of the early 19th century, rather than the 18th century and the Catherine the Great hallmark of 1786 has somehow been applied later (No, it is not of the "early 19th century."  It is not of the 18th century.  IT WAS MADE YESTERDAY!).  We are of the opinion that everything is correct, however we are no experts on either Russian silver or Jewish artifacts. What is certain is that it is solid silver set with a turquoise stone (Essentially, he admits that he has no idea what he is talking about; and what is certain is that this is silver junk with a piece of turquoise.  Good luck, since downsizingsale does not accept returns.).

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