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The So-Called "Mini-Yad"
fake Torah pointer yad from murielgui

Many Israeli eBay dealers sell counterfeits, as this article nicely illustrates.  The same dealers also sell several small yads (Torah pointers) with form-fitting cases.  Here is an example:

Are these for real?  No, according to a Long Island antiques dealer, who writes:

Stay away from [Torah pointers] with enormously thick handle parts that come in seemingly old, weatherbeaten, form fitting cases. These Torah pointers are actually part antique – the handle was previously a pipe, and the pipe head was taken off, and a new silver hand was put on it – so the wear of the handle and the case makes this item look antique – and it actually is, but the silver hand is new. Apparently these are made in large numbers for the past 20 years in Hungary and it continues until this day.

I've included some more examples below.  The sellers are the usual Israeli thieves (murielgui, levido_couple, and darias.closet).

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