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Welcome to Mir-El
Antiques online!
We are proud to introduce our brand
new website, offering Antiques, Judaica,
Silver Artifacts, Ivory Artifacts, Sculptures, Swords, Antique Jewelry, Books and so much more.
Feel free to take a long look around and
ask us anything. Always at your service
Mir-El Antiques Ltd - Elyon Trade and Commerce
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Antique Judaica
Beautiful artifacts
related to Judaism
and holiness can
be found right here

"Nearly ten years ago, Eli started Mir-El Antiques, building up and selling from his own private collection at first, and slowly purchasing more and more items.

"My favorites are the items that tell a story.
I feel as if they speak when I look at them. That's how I decide what I would like to buy."

Eliezer Hollander

Silver Artifacts
A huge selection
of stunning silver
items, of all kinds,
sizes and uses.
Asian Antiques
Beautiful and rare
artifacts from the
Far East. Enchanting
pieces of history are
only a click away
Ebay power Seller - mir-el (4050 )

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Mir-El, The leading website for selling Antiques. Antiques from all cultures and periods. African antiques, Asian antiques, Judaica, Antiques clock and Antique watches. in Mir-El Antiques website you can find a big variety of Antique statues, African mask, Antique Jewelry, And exotic Antiques swords and Antique daggers. Beautiful Silver artifacts and Ivory statues from ancient culture.
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