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NEW! The Wall of Shame--fakes currently on sale. Updated regularly.

NEW! A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words--auctiontrack explained in photos

The So-Called "Mini-Yad" from Israeli eBay thieves

This British eBayer is a typical scam artist

The EZ Guide to Spotting a Fake Torah Yad (Pointer) or Besamim (Spice) Holder

Have you been robbed by an eBay seller?  Click here!
Wurden Sie von einem eBay-Verkäufer beraubt? Klicken Sie hier!

Silver forum discusses fake Torah yad

Silver forum discusses fake Yom Kippur belt buckle

Israelis Sell Fake Judaica, Too--The Story of the Fish Besamim

Where to find authentic antique Judaica (a list of honest sellers)

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